Kennemer Golf & Country Club


The Kennemer Golf & Country Club is situated in the North-west coastal region of Holland, just 45 minutes from the capital. Founded in 1910, the course is spread over a large expanse of natural sand dunes making it an interesting and challenging course.

Kennemer offers 27 fantastic holes of golf in the form of three loops of nine holes, known as Course A, Course B and Course C.  Course B was designed by golf course architect Pennink and Courses A and C were designed by the brilliant Harry Colt. The course is the oldest ‘links’ style course in the country and each loop of nine holes is of such a similarly high quality that the Dutch Open uses holes from all three.

The courses are characterised by their undulating landscape and many dunes. All three courses are relatively exposed and therefore are prone to extremely windy conditions, especially Courses B and C. This makes for a challenging round of golf, even for the most experienced players. There are no water hazards and very few trees to contend with, but the strong winds and well-placed bunkers require golfers to have a good technical ability.